“Throughout the years I’ve met and worked with this group of people sometimes altogether, sometimes just a handful of us. I figured things were progressing so naturally, we may as well open a space for us all to work in together as a team. Our team here doesn’t just work in the salon, but cater to whatever we can get our hands on. Our clientele is not by any means limited. We have services here for everyone from the every day woman, celebrities, housewives to businessman, and to a younger generation studying here in Chicago. I’m proud and excited to be the leader of such a fabulous group of industry leaders and mentors who all bring so much to the table. I feel like if you leave our salon and you’re not smiling with bouncing hair and feeling swagger then we haven’t done our jobs right. It’s important to all of us that you come to our home at Arsova Salon and feel the luxury of beauty but also have a lot of fun.”

Anita Arsova – Owner Stylist