Aveda Salon Chicago: Blonde Meets Fire Red Balayage with a Blunt Texturized Bob

When formulating a red, why stop at just an all-over color? In this formula breakdown, Arsova SalonAveda Salon in Chicago takes a blunt texturized bob to the next level by creating a fire-y red balayage.

As Seen on Modern Salon: Aveda Formula: Blonde Meets Fire Red Balayage with a Blunt Texturized Bob

Arsova Salon Balayage

Natural Base: Level 6-7, 1″ grown out from root to existing color
Existing color: Level 10 white and gray
Re-Pigmentation: “I knew I had to re-pigment the hair so I didn’t run the risk of the color looking hollow,” says colorist Jordan McIeod.
60 g Aveda Universal 0N + 10 g Orange Pure Pigment + 60 g Liquid Processing Solution. Process 20 minutes.
After rinsing the color, blow dry 100% dry.
Base color: 40 g 6N + 2 g D B/G + 2 g D R/O + 2 g D Y/O + 1 g Orange Pure Pigment + 20 volume.
Mid- Length: 30g 0N + 8g Orange Pure Pigment + 1g Yellow Pure Pigment + 1g Red Pure Pigment + Liquid Processing Solution.
Balayage Highlight: Enlightner + 10 Volume
Glaze: 40 g ELC + 10 g Yellow Pure Pigment + 2 g Orange Pure Pigment + 20 Volume
Apply the base color 1 1/2″ from root to mid lengths and section the head into multiple triangles. Working front to back within the triangles, take diagonal sections alternating in the mid-length formula and a balayage highlight, isolating each section with foil.
After processing for 25 minutes, shampoo and glaze. Process the glaze  for 15 minutes, then rinse out and treat hair.
Styling: Prep the hair with Aveda Damage Remedy. Once the hair is 100% dry, apply Aveda Force Control and curl the entire head with a 5/8″ curling iron. To get a more organic and natural curl,twist every section and wrap it around the iron in the same direction. After all the curls cool, use Aveda Grooming Clay to piece out the curls and give it a natural matte finish.

Top Chicago Stylist Beth Bayman

Top Chicago Balayage Team

Hair Color: Jordan Mcleod at Arsova Salon
Haircut: Beth Bayman at Arsova Salon
Makeup: Andrea Roundtree at Arsova Salon
Photo: Falyn Huang

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