What is Balayage? Is Balayage Right For You?

The French people sure know their art and particularly for hairstyle enthusiast, balayge is what you need to check it out. Read on what is the buzz about this hair art and find out if balayge is right for you.

What exactly is Balayge?

The word balayge itself comes from the French word ‘balai’ which means ‘to sweep’. Balayge is a freestyle art hair coloring but instead of really coloring your hair, hairstylist ‘paints’ the tresses. This technique creates soft shades and light through the hair, giving you more natural looking results.

There are many reasons why balayge technique is appealing to people nowadays. You can get different effects from soft hues to being bold with balayge. With many styles to choose from, you have the opportunity to be original.

Balayge is quite different than using foils because balayge is all about ‘painting’ the hair in more natural and artistic pattern while foils is very much work in linear manner, resulting in the same amount of color from root to the ends. Unlike balayge, hairstylist use less color on the roots and increasing the amount towards the tips while keeping it artistically.

On the plus side balayge technique is very much affordable compared to other hair coloring technique and it also requires low maintenance as hair regrowth won’t be so obvious that you can wait a bit longer for touch ups (as long as 8 weeks) which makes balayge a convenient and appealing for us, particularly if you’re a busy gal.

How to do Balayge technique to your hair

Expect the unexpected – overall process is different depending on the length of your hair, color history, the style that you want, and the creativity of your hairstylist – individual strands of hair may be colored against a broad paddle board, part of the hair is divided into sections, or even a complete freestyle.

Is Balayge right for me?

Being a hair technique that requires minimum maintenance, balayge is suitable from a beginner to seasoned hair color enthusiasts. Balayge is also the right style if you want to go for a natural look. the key is as long as your hair is at least at shoulder length, with little to no grey hair, you’ll be fine.


Are you tempted enough to try a balayge look? Try it out and see it for yourself. All you need is to have our hairstylist to convey your desired look as accurate as possible and you’re ready to rock the look!

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