Beach or Boat plans? Hair and Makeup Ideas

When headed to the beach or a boat party, effortlessly pretty hair is the way to go, especially if you’re planning on taking a dip.

Body Waves

It’s the kind of style that looks better when it’s not perfect. To wake up with loose curl waves, spritz your hair with water or towel-dry after shampooing. Make two fat braids, then hit the sack. In the morning, undo the twists, finger-comb and -voila – you’re beach goddess.

Body Waves

Glam Up Your Bun

This look can be both sleek and simple. Play with either a center part, side part, or perhaps no part at all! Tying a neckerchief-sized scarf around your hair is an easy way to create a full low bun. Adding a flower as an accessory is a great way to glam up your bun look.


Short Hair

Blow dry hair and use fingers to shape locks to one side. Spritz hair with a texturizing beach spray like to add “gut,” then set with hairspray.


Makeup: Lightweight and Natural

How much makeup you should wear really depends on your preferences and also, whether you are going to be in the water or not. Either way, going to the beach or boat party makeup, should be simple. Let’s face it, heavy makeup just doesn’t sound right for the beach. The heavier and complicated your makeup, the harder time you will have trying to maintain it.


Some of you prefer going into the water with zero makeup (hopefully you guys are still wearing sunscreen) and that is great. Wearing BB Cream with SPF and waterproof makeup can achieve a super fresco look so you can look and feel great while having fun under the sun.

Hair, Makeup & Photo by Anita Arsova at Arsova Salon.

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