Foiling Vs. Balayage Vs. Ombre Vs. Flamboyage

Often times our clients know what type of treatment they would like, or they get this information from one of our well-informed stylists. However, it’s also common that when someone chooses a treatment, they don’t fully understand what it entails. What’s more, there are several treatments provided by Arsova Salon that are very similar, so we’d like to share the ways in which they are different and how each might benefit you.


When it comes to hair coloring, foiling is the most traditional way of separating individual pieces of hair prior to the treatment. The stylist cares for each piece of hair with a rattail comb, places a piece of foil beneath the hair and then adds the desired color to the foil. This is a great way to manage each piece or section of hair, so as to provide the requested color (or colors) accordingly. The stylist has complete control over the entire foundation and can now provide the color in a detailed manner.



This is a French method of coloring individual pieces of hair. The color is added directly on sections of hair and then brushed down the hair shaft in soft, gentle strokes. This method typically requires thicker products to ensure that the color maintains its desired form and doesn’t blend incorrectly. When only part of the hair is receiving color, cotton strips are often used to keep them separated.



This method is used to add hair color on the bottom portions of individual strands. Often times, the stylist will use the Balayage method to apply the products, but another option is to add the color on foils instead.



This method combines the techniques of both the Balayage and Ombre methods to create different shades of highlights. When using this style, we prefer to use a comb and not the tape method, which is sometimes preferred.


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