From Brunette to Pastel Pink Balayage Testimonial

Naturally, I’m a dark brunette. For the past year I’ve been transforming into a blonde by way of ombré and balayage at Arsova Salon. Anita identified the daring self I am and asked if I wanted to try the newest Wella Professionals Instamatic by Color Touch. She described it as a pink natural tone to my blonde locks. Since it works best on color treated blonde hair I was an easy trial.

The Process Brunette to Pastel Pink Balayage

At first I was concerned about the degree of pink with my new corporate job starting in just weeks. The result was stunning. We called it ‘Strawberry Dreamsicle.’ This new trend blends a diffused color finish on your hair like a light blush. It complements the balayage color from root to tip leaving the brightest for the tips just as the blonde balayage.

The color is applied on dry hair as a glaze and adapts to the color brightest in lightest spots and faint on darker areas. This whimsical pink looks like a natural pink, if pink were to exist naturally on the color wheel of hair.

The process only takes five to twenty minutes to achieve the desired look depending on the intensity. It is demi-permanent that fades stunningly into your hair. The color pigments gradually diffuse into each piece of hair for a beautiful look.


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Although I would love the pink from the first moment it colored my hair the fade from day one was beautiful. Every single day I fell in love with the color. Washing it in cold water preserved the color longer so I found myself taking plenty of cold showers. Even until the last days I was in love with the strawberry tone. It still has an effect on my hair and I never want it to leave. So I think I’ll just do it again!
— Mallory, Client of Arsova Salon