Toasty, Warm Highlights for Fall 2017

By Arsova Salon Stylist Jen Nelson

Hair Color: Jen Nelson at Arsova Salon

A longtime client of mine was looking for a change, she had what we stylists call a ‘bleach and tone’ which is an all over, bleach blonde color that was toned to look very icy and cool with almost no dimension. For years this was her look and she wore it well but this time she came to me and asked for something different, which is always very exciting! She asked me for a warmer, more natural highlight as her look was a bit harsh and unnatural. Although she looked great, after several years she had grown out of it- not to mention it would leave her with a fierce regrowth line which is much more upkeep. My client wasn’t just looking for a change in her color but also her cut. She wanted something more sophisticated that would go well with her new color and also eliminate some of her dead ends. My goal with her was to create more dimension and depth by giving her warm highlights that will carry her into the fall season feeling soft and elegant. For her haircut, I went with a ‘lob’ in order to create some fullness throughout her ends to really give her color and cut some richness she was lacking.

Arsova Salon Warm Highlights

Step by Step Highlights

Her natural color is a level 7/ 8 – She had an inch of regrowth.
I highlighted her using foil with three colors:

  • Wella color 15g 8/0 5g 8/3 20g 20vol from scalp to line of demarcation
  • In the same foil from the line of demarcation to ends I did 20g 8/3 20g
  • 20g Blondor Powder Lightner 20vol from scalp to line of demarcation

Highlight process time was about 20 minutes.
I finished with a Wella toner 9/03 with a five-minute process time to soften some of her harsh ends and blend the fresh Blondor highlights.

As the days grow darker and shorter for fall, nothing will lift your spirits like some natural, warm highlights.
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Arsova Salon Jen Nelson