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Aveda was founded in 1978 with the goal and mission of providing professionals in the beauty industry with high performance products that were naturally, botanically based, and could help clients with hair care needs that were also good for the planet.



Aveda is unique for a hair care and beauty company in that they see beauty and the industry as more of a higher calling and higher art – the goal is to make women not only look beautiful, but also feel beautiful and healthier by using plant-based and environmentally sound products.

AVEDA Green Ingredient

Using plant-based ingredients, Aveda regards beauty as something that is intertwined with the larger web of life, and believes that authentic beauty works in harmony with the rest of the world when done in a healthy and responsible way. For Aveda, and for us, beauty is not something that hurts any of the diverse life forms created by nature, and true beauty can only be achieved through harmony and good health, while being environmentally responsible and sustainable.


Arsova Salon Chicago is proud to provide our clients with the best in hair care products to meet your unique and important hair care needs. A beautiful, strong hair is what we want our clients to achieve and the hair experts here are proud to give you good news: Aveda hair care products are available at Arsova Salon Chicago.


Aveda’s Ingredients Source

Aveda vision and mission has created the most sustainable development – beauty, environmental, and economic-wise – for each of the ingredients used in each product. As quoted from Dominique Conseil (President – Aveda): In order to be Beauty, it also needs to be Good. Beauty is the result, but also the process followed in pursuing that result.The products are created with conscience at hand to ensure that not only you will benefits from the power of each Aveda product but also various possible impacts created from sourcing the ingredients worldwide right until the finished products.

The term ‘naturally derived’ itself needs to meet few criteria and standards before being produced commercially for Aveda. Which means the ingredient must be either derived from plant, non-petroleum minerals, inorganic matter or other natural sources possible with 50% of the molecule comes from the plant, as well as the ingredients used are not derived from endangered species and even for animal testing. Instead we use the most ethical method as possible – by relying willing volunteers and countless scientific databases. As a result from these firm beliefs, Aveda standards has made them the pioneer in green cosmetics – more than 90% of the essential oils and 89% of raw herbal ingredients (by ton) are certified organic.

Aveda’s Vision and Mission

With the extensive knowledge and expertise in hand, Aveda visions to connect beauty with environment and well-being as well as take a mission to care for the world with the product line that will in turn benefit the society. And Aveda targets to set an example in environmental leadership and responsibility for the world.


About Aveda’s Hair Care Line

What started from one shampoo, Aveda has expanded into a number of hair care products catered for each hair type and concerns, fit for your needs.

Aveda’s hair care line is well known for their products targeting your hair in the most natural way possible – using Ayurveda, the Indian healing method that dates back to nearly 5, 000 years. Thanks to the two renowned Ayurvedic physicians and scholars, Drs. Vinod and Kusum Upadhyay, Aveda products is created with 1, 000 years’ worth of Vedic and Ayurvedic knowledge, helping us to identify the right botanical plant actives for each of our products.

Aveda Hair Care Products to Look Out For


Damage Remedy™ Intensive Restructuring Treatment

Damage Remedy™ Intensive Restructuring Treatment is a weekly intensive treatment created to repair your hair, nourishing them and locking in moisture from within the hair shaft. A part of Damage Remedy™ hair care system, the line is created that even the most severely damaged hair will also benefit from this intensive treatment. Formulated with quinoa protein, phellodendron, barley, and organic oils of castor, jojoba and meadowfoam seed to create soft and manageable locks. Use it together with Restructuring Shampoo, Restructuring Conditioner, and Daily Hair Repair for best results.


Invati™ Exfoliating Shampoo

Give your scalp some due TLC with Invati™ Exfoliating Shampoo that deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and renews the scalp for a healthy one withwintergreen-derived salicylic acid and its clinically proven to flush out product residue and excess oils in your hair that can prevent you from getting a healthy hair. Exfoliating Shampoo is also formulated with densiplexTM-an invigorating blend of Ayurvedic herbs, such as turmeric and ginseng. Get a healthy scalp with a healthy hair to match with Invati™ Exfoliating Shampoo.


Color Conserve™ Shampoo

Aveda’s Color Conserve is a salon-approved product line that restores, maintains, and extends the vibrancy of color-treated hair – as only nature can. Plus the ingredients (including lavender and ylang ylang) formulated in the shampoo protects your tresses from damaging effects of sunrays and various environmental stresses while leaving your hair soft with radiance.


Smooth Infusion™ Style-Prep Smoother™

Formulated with organic aloe, maize, and guar bean gum creates a strong and smooth surface for your hair perfect for prepping your hair before styling while hydrolyzed wheat protein protects your hair from damaging heat during styling. Plus organic tapioca will keep your hair protected from humidity up to twelve hours – for soft and fresh tresses. In the end you’ll know Smooth Infusion™ Style-Prep Smoother™ will make your hairstyling routine faster and easier.