HOW-TO: Step by Step Baking Makeup Tutorial

Everyone was fussing about Kim Kardashian “Baking Makeup Method”. So I looked it up to see what this method is all about as well as the Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder. Ladies, you can do this with any translucent powder. This is how I do makeup for all my clients when they have a special occasion to go to so their makeup lasts all day and looks picture perfect. You can literally do this with any concealer and setting powder you have in your makeup kit.

Step 1. Add 2 shades of lighter concealer under your eyes and the areas you want to brighten up.


Step 2. Add translucent or any type of setting powder on top of the concealer. Wait 5 minutes for the powder to set.


Step 3. Blend the concealer and powder together in a circular motion.


Step 4. Add 2 shades of darker concealer under your cheekbones and a little bit on your forehead (if you have a small forehead don’t apply any).


Step 5. Blend the darker shade to contour your face in a circular motion. You can use any brand of concealer or setting powder. I used @temptupro concealer and a high definition translucent mineral powder. Make sure your products that you are using are TALC free, sulfate free and chemical free so you don’t break out or age your skin. If you are using the @bennyemakeup setting powder make sure you are using the right color for your skin tone.


That’s all! Lip Liner: soar @maccosmetics Brows: @anastasiabeverlyhills Lip Gloss:Liar @urbandecaycosmetics #beautyproducts #bennyebananapowder Eyeshadow: #painterlymac and @loraccosmetics matte pro eyeshadows Bold Black Liner Favorite: @inglot_usa