Spring Blonde Haircolor and Haircut Makeover 2017

“My new client, Michaela, came to me with a 3” grown out chemical cut,” says Jordan Mcleod of the Arsova Salon Chicago. “In the attempt of trying to grow out her naturally dark blonde hair, her hair was over processed when trying to remove the tint of brown that she had been for many years.” Not only was there a tremendous amount of breakage at her ends and within, but there was an uneven patchy gold overcast mitigated with her outgrowth. “My goal was to create a chic platinum textured blonde lob for her to feel good about her look again, as she’s worked in fashion her whole life and definitely needed a big change.”


Natural Base: Level 6-7, 3″ grown out from root to existing color.
Existing color: Level 8-9 patchy Gold
Base Color: 60g Blondor Powder Lightener + 120g 30 Volume + 1/4 oz Olaplex No. 1

Using this formula Jordan painted just the 3″ of the new growth, isolating each section with a mini foil. After the new growth was applied, Jordan mixed up a separate formula for Mid-lengths to ends.

Mid- Lengths: 80g Blondor Powder Lightener + 160g 20 Volume + 1/4 oz Olaplex No. 1

Jordan let both of these formulas processes until reached a pale yellow level 10, shampooed and treated with Olaplex No 2 for 20min.

Blow-dry hair 100% dry.

To create a shadow root and dimension, Jordan used a slightly darker formula on her base and with that same formula, he did a fine weave so there were no harsh lines.

Base & Lowlight Formula(Wella Color Touch): 30g 8/71 + 30g 8/81 + 60g 6 Volume

Let this process for 20 min, rinse and glaze.

Glaze( Wella Color Touch ): 60g /86 + 120g 6vol

Let the glaze sit on until all yellow is removed from the hair( about 10 min in my case ). Rinse hair.



Step 1:

Prep hair with Unite 7Seconds (A great cutting lotion).

Step 2:

Section down the center of the head from forehead to nape.

Step 3:

Move horizontally up the head with a slight diagonal forward parting. Maintain 0 degrees.

Step 4:

Once you reach the crown of the head, move onto the sides. Continue to use 0 degrees through diagonal forward parting. Use overdirection to connect side sections into the back. Overdirection will create a strong A-line.

Step 5:

Clean up your lines!

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment or free consultation with Jordan Mcleod, please contact Arsova Salon at 312-371-0773 or contact@arsova.com.
Arsova Salon Jordan Mcleod


Since the hair was already prepped for cutting with Unite 7secconds (leave in conditioner & cutting lotion ), there is no need to over saturate the hair with more product. Once the hair was 100% dry, Jordan went in with Unite Texturiza & Unite MaxControl, spraying them both on each section and curled the entire head of hair with a 5/8″ curling iron. To get a more organic and natural curl Jordan twisted every section and wrap it around the iron in the same direction he was twisting. After all the curls cool, Jordan went back in with Unite Conundrum Paste to piece out the curls and give it a natural finish.


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If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment or free consultation with Jordan Mcleod, please contact Arsova Salon at 312-371-0773 or contact@arsova.com.