Tres Chic With Balayage

Nowadays you don’t need foiling technique for highlights – Balayage is what you need to try out for the most natural look possible. Here’s the basic info that you need to know about the latest hair technique right from Le Français.

What exactly is Balayage?

Despite the latest coverage on the technique, Balayage is not really new actually; the trend has existed since the 70s The word itself comes from French meaning scanning or sweeping – which the hair coloring technique works that way that only uses colorist’s free hand to apply the color to your hair (so yes, no tools are needed).

The Works

The whole process depends on the hair length and the look that you’re going for. Your colorist may apply the color with a brush with a backing board as working surface. The color is applied beginning from the roots and the depth is increased until the tips. Depending on the effect that you want (and the creativity of your colorist), the colorist may take a few strands of hair or chunks of it to apply the color.

In any way, the way the color is applied is all about sweeping or painting.

Why Balayage is Appealing

From soft and subtle highlights to dynamic and dimensional the end effects are endless with Balayage yet you will look effortlessly natural.

Balayage is much more forgiving as color separation or hair regrowth is not that obvious and if done correctly, it can last up to eight weeks. Compared with other hair coloring technique, Balayage is low maintenance, definitely a convenience if you don’t have time for regular touch ups.

Is my hair perfect for Balayage?

The technique is suitable for any hairstyle and even for grey hairs too but its best with tousled or curled, free flowing hair where you can see the variations of the color as short cuts need more distinct color variation for the effect to show up.

And yes, even if you’ve had foil highlights before, you can still have Balayage effect to add some natural looking highlights to the hair.

How long Balayage trend lasts?

Balayage has existed since the 70s and it looks like it’s going to stay. The only difference that we see is the overall effect is constantly changing, with trendsetters like Gisele Bundchen and Sarah Jessica Parker with natural, soft, and subtle effects and now we see heavy color graduation from root to tip.

Best Balayage Hair Oil

By now you’re probably tempted to get Balayage done for your hair. Head on to Arsova Salon Chicago and have our colorist work their magic with Balayage. Book your next Balayage appointment with Arsova Salon